Monday, January 4, 2010

My First Day Writing A New Blog

This is my first day writing a blog and this blog is my second blog. I quitted from writing blog for a few months.

A Few Reasons Why I Create A New Blog Is:
a) I am so lazy to update my old blog

b) I want to make everything new

c) I know what things I want to talk about on this blog

d) I have many materials for this blog so that I can share with people

A Little Info. About My New Blog:
This blog will talk more about my daily life at office, home, outside, my visit to some interesting places, my valuable and special things, tips on health, beauty and etc., academic articles and other interesting topics and things.

Why I Choose My Name as My Blog Name:
It's because I write this blog.

My Hopes & Dreams for This Blog:
a) I hope people will get some knowledge from this blog

b) People will accept it and feel easyand free to read it

I think that’s all for now. I will talk more about myself in next post about my New Year’s Eve.

Just give me a moment for myself and I will rock u back :)


  1. blog bukan saje menjadi tmpat perkongsian pendapat tetapi jalan penceritaan kepada hidup seharian

  2. Welcome to blogger world babe...